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  • 045 Memorial Cathedral for World Peace

    • Togo Murano, Masashi KONDO
    • Shimizu Corporation
    • Halfway between the Peace Memorial Park and JR Hiroshima Station is the site for Catholic Cathedral for World Peace. The original church was destroyed by an atomic bomb dropped in 1945 during WWII. Togo Murano was given the design commission. The modern rectilinear church and belfry design based on a basilican profile, feature the exposed concrete columns and beams with the bricks inserted in seemingly the traditional Japanese wall, ”Shin-kabe” style, as well as the perforated windows with the Japanese, “Shuhama-gata” pattern. The space inside the church is rendered in a modern interpretation of the Romanesque style with the coarse simplicity. With the handcrafted appearance of various details, Murano successfully created a spatial realm with a unique religious connotation.
    • 1953年
    • hiroshima