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  • 106 Kamikozawa House

    • Demolished
    • Kenji HIROSE
    • Watabe Construction Co.
    • During the 1950s, Japan was suffering from the housing shortage after the WWII. Against such historical backdrop, Kenji Hirose worked on the issues on industrialization and standardization of architecture and creation of new residential style. He invented a series of steel houses called “SH house series”to embody his ideas. Kamikozawa House is one of his representative works. Although constructed of reinforced concrete, Kamikozawa House is similar to SH series in that each room is placed in a row with terrace laid out in front and its exterior design emphasizes horizontal line, and well presenting the characteristics of Hirose’s residential buildings. The owner of the house has preserved, renovated the building and is still used as a restaurant.
    • 1959年
    • tokyo