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  • 075 San-ai Dream Center

    • Nikken Sekkei (Shoji HAYASHI)
    • Takenaka Corporation
    • At the corner of the main streets in the central Ginza area, stands a dedicated commercial tower that has become a popular icon, symbolizing the glamour of modern Ginza. With the round and transparent glass curtain-wall and the slick neon signs atop, the cylindrically shaped tower has played a major role in concocting the cityscape of Ginza with the arresting images of modernity, high technology, glitz and opulence. The bold new construction system was devised, i.e., the central elevator core was set first so that the successive donut-shaped concrete floors, pre-cast on site, could be lifted up to be attached. As the tower maintains its physical shape and retains still the vigorous image by readily accommodating the continuing changeovers of its tenant shops and clients, it was given the BELCA Award, an award given to promote a notable building with the excellent maintenance over a long building life span.
    • 1962年
    • tokyo