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  • 001 Dojunkai Apartments

    • Demolished
    • Dojunkai Building Departments
    • Zenitaka-gumi et all
    • The government established the Dojunkai Foundation to supply good quality housing to people in need after the Great Earthquake of 1923. The series of Dojunkai’s multi-level apartments in reinforced concrete construction was a pioneering effort and the most progressive work. The individual apartments were equipped with the latest modern amenities such as gas, electricity and water services, as well as water flushed Japanese-style toilets in family units. Some of the apartments featured communal spaces and facilities such as solariums or sunrooms, music rooms and lounges for socializing, and even communal baths, shops and dining cafe-restaurants that were also open to the people in the neighborhoods. The Dojunkai apartments offered the high technology of reinforced concrete construction with the flexible application of programs like the inclusion of the Japanese tatami-mats in some rooms, in attempting to establish the appropriate housing for the emerging middle class. Most of the apartments have already been demolished. Regrettably, there are only two surviving complexes today.
    • 1928年
    • tokyo