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  • 085 SONY Building

    • Demolished
    • Yoshinobu ASHIHARA
    • Taisei Corporation
    • In the central Tokyo’s gilded Ginza area, stands a dedicated showroom building, the first of its kind in Japan. It was built to recapture the once flourishing dazzle of patrons being lost to newer city centers. Yoshinobu Ashihara signified it by terming it as “the node” (for Ginza). He aspired to recreate the essence of pleasurable urban space and animated nature of people inside his building. Upon a suggestion from Akio Morita, the client and the legendary SONY founder, to consider the spiral composition of Guggenheim Museum in New York, he promptly produced a spiral design by incorporating in the construction system the just-introduced high tensile steel and tension bolts, so that the successive floors could step down in the flower petal pattern to create slowly spiraling one continuous interior space.
    • 1966年
    • tokyo