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  • 054 Sky House

    • Kiyonori KIKUTAKE
    • Shiraishi Construction Co.
    • On a sloping site, in Bunkyo, stands an epochal house in reinforced concrete, built in 1958. Kiyonori Kikutake designed the house for himself and his wife. As Kikutake was a central figure of the Japanese born metabolism movement, this house became the vehicle in which his architectural belief and theory, i.e., a house with an integrated system for renewals and changes (which can be surmised as the central issue of the metabolist) was built as an illustrative declaration. It is supported by a set of 4 narrow walls, or wide pillars, placed on the Cartesian axes of the square on the perimeter, which help liberate the square living zone and make it seem to float over the ground. While the interior volume is designed as one continuous public space as a requisite fundamental element in validating a house, the service and private elements of the house are grouped as movable units in what he called the movenette systems and placed in the peripheral zone of the square plan. So, this house of a metabolist has been a working experiment to attest his concept as it went through various changes and transformations to keep pace with the changing need of his family.
    • 1958年
    • tokyo