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  • 011 HARA House

    • Makoto MASUZAWA
    • Ogiwara-komuten
    • In Todoroki, a quiet residential area in Setagaya, stands a seemingly unassuming wooden single story house, which discloses a candidly modern design with a surprisingly prescient compositional concept. The house in a rectangular plan was designed with a wide and open perimeter. The parti is simple and very contemporary, i.e., by placing bedrooms on both ends of the building, a large continuous space containing the combined functions of living/ family, kitchen and dining elements is created - a great room as it is called today. A freestanding concrete block service box inside the great room contains a bathroom suite. All of the openings facing the garden are designed with floor-to-ceiling sliding door-windows, bestowing an effusive link between the interior space and the garden, thus enabling the union of the two realms. Makoto Masuzawa, the architect responsible, designed this house in 1953. This house presented a modern, logical spatial composition with a concept that introduced a new design vocabulary in a stunningly contemporary domestic architectural paradigm, and consequently represents a major house design in the post WWII era.
    • 1953年
    • tokyo