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  • 039 Kurobe No. 2 Power Plant and Dam

    • Bunzo YAMAGUCHI
    • unknown
    • Along the great Kurobe River in the Japanese Northern Alps, stands a complex, known as the Kurobe No.2 power plant facilities and dam, constructed by the Kansai Electric (ex-Nippon Electric) Power Co., in an unusual collaboration with an architect, Bunzo Yamaguchi. Because of the site limitation, he integrated such normally separately placed facilities as transformer, high voltage apparatus etc., with the power generator in one structure based on the three dimensional and functional requirements. Wherein he let, the internal forces caused by the various components, be reflected on the massing, in creating a structure with striking expressiveness. A rewarding facade in perfect composition is the result of contrasting the horizontality of the eave lines and terraces, the flatness of large glassed surfaces as well as the post and beam expressions on the elevation. Yamaguchi created, by combining civil engineering and architecture into one discipline, a structure with dynamic forms that situate well in nature and its breathtaking scenes. The complex is the only surviving example of the International Style design in Japan.
    • 1938年
    • toyama