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  • 070 Nagasaki City Auditorium

    • Demolished
    • Motoo TAKE
    • Dai-Nagasaki-kensetsu
    • While many public halls were built during the late 1950’s through the ’60’s, today, few are enjoying the success of the one in the city of Nagasaki, designed by Motoo Take. The building is setback deeply, leaving a large open space in front, together with the mirror-image site plan of the civic hall across the street, collectively the two public halls define and provide an enormous piazza/ open space for the public that is as precious as it is rare in a hilly city. While the profile of the building offers a horizontal emphasis with an extending roof skyline signature, the facade is capped with the cantilevered roof on both sides as the corners are cut to form an octagonal plan, which in turn, bestows the building with a more animated and dynamic compositional figure. Because both sides of the balcony level in the auditorium cascade down to merge with the main seating area in a horseshoe shape, the stage and the seating areas are seemingly linked tighter to generate a feeling of oneness between the performers and the audience.
    • 1962年
    • nagasaki