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  • 055 St. Clara Church (Currently, Yonaburu Catholic Church)

    • Ken KATAOKA
    • Self-Build by members of the church
    • On a small knoll in Yonabaru-cho, Okinawa, stands a catholic church with a convent. The church and convent each have a grassed courtyard and is organized around it. The respective courtyard and cloister lay a promenade for a blessed entry to a sacred space. The individual cell-rooms of the convent are designed with solacing simplicity and the church interior is filled with the spirited tropical sunlight taken through the stained-glass wall that opens to the courtyard and the Pacific Ocean beyond. The architect Ken Kataoka designed this project in affiliation with an American architectural firm in Okinawa at the time for designing various American military base related facilities. This church complex attests to a fascinating spatial champroo or mixture of architecture that is seemingly modern, but vaguely American in its touch, and yet, in the end, altogether Okinawan.
    • 1958年
    • okinawa