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  • 058 Hashima City Hall

    • Junzo SAKAKURA
    • Shimizu Corporation
    • The new city hall complex with multi-function cultural facilities is designed by, a Corbusien trained architect, Junzo Sakakura as he was originally from the same area, and built in 1958. It consists of administrative offices and related spaces on the 1st and 2nd floors, a library on the 3rd floor, and an assembly hall and a civic hall on the 4th floor, with an adjacent lookout tower for the fire department. Presently, the library and the civic hall have been relocated to other locations. Sakakura set the main entrance of the complex on the second floor, with ramps leading to other floors. As the parking space in front of the main entry pilotis on the 2nd floor and a large lawn covered ground on the southern side double as outdoor event and gathering space for the citizens, the entire complex is intended, a la Corbusien conception, to be the central node or core for the city and its citizen. Sakakura received the 1960 Architectural Institute of Japan Award for the design of this complex.
    • 1958年
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