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  • 080 Hyaku-jushi Bank Headquarters Building

    • Nikken Sekkei
    • Takenaka Corporation
    • In the center of the city of Taka-matsu that faces the gentle Inland Sea of Seto-uchi, stands a distinctive modern architecture which presented a contemporary way for an office building complex to function as a new type of urban landmark. The complex is comprised of a 16-story main building on one side and a 5-story annex on the other side of a wide main street, and designed with the connecting skywalk high above the street, whereby a uniquely urban, open public space is created. The jade green color façade wall along the main street is layered with the panels made with Tando, a particular alloy of red brass and a slightly smaller amount of zinc, that were intended to age into a distinctive shade of green. As the complex has been well maintained since its completion in 1966, it was bestowed with the Belca Award, an award honoring the building with long life span, for its excellent upkeep.
    • 1966年
    • kagawa