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  • 101 Hanshin Koshien Stadium (formerly Hanshin Dai-Undojo)

    • Hanshin dentetsu, Obayashi-gumi(Seizo NODA + Hikotaro IMABAYASHI)
    • Obayashi-gumi
    • The Hanshin Koshien Stadium is the Japan’s first dedicated US Major League style baseball park built in 1924 by Hanshin Electric Railway Co. as part of its development program along the railways and the major construction company, Obayashi Corp. In the absence of domestic sample, it was designed modeling after the Yankee Stadium in New York. Upon completion it became the largest the stadium in Asia. The facility improvements and renovations had been made periodically; including the so-called “Alps Stand” grand stand area to be converted from wooden to reinforced concrete construction, as well as the addition of steel constructed great roof, “Gin-san” (silver umbrella) over the grand stand and adjacent bleacher seating area. The characteristic ivy covered outer wall of the ballpark was finished originally in exposed concrete for speedy completion, which was fitted with tiles in the 2010 renovation.
    • 1924年(改修 2010年)
    • hyogo