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  • 081 Maritime Gallery

    • Masako HAYASHI/Norihide IMAGAWA
    • Kajima Corporation
    • In a small city of Tosa-Shimizu, in Kochi prefecture, on the Pacific Ocean side of the big island of Shikoku, along the coast of Tatsu-kushi is a site for the Maritime Gallery. It was built in 1966 as a museum to exhibit the collection of variety of mollusks or seashells. Masako Hayashi designed the building using the metaphor of two seashells with a pair of structurally independent concrete shell structure roofs with domed skylight of acrylic glass (a.k.a., plexiglass) in the middle. The sunlight coming through the skylight shimmers with the ceiling painted in brilliant marine blue color to produce the interior space with the ambience of underwater world. Her design synthesized the ensemble of her structural and spatial concepts, filling the building with an eloquent rhapsody of architectural milieu. Currently, a project to preserve and renovate this building is underway in a joint effort of local architects and the municipal government.
    • 1966年(耐震改修 2004年)
    • kochi