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  • 071 House in the Woods

    • Junzo YOSHIMURA
    • Karuizawa Construction Co.
    • In the woods of quaint Karuizawa, the choice mountain resort in Japan, stands a small villa that belongs to Junzo Yoshimura, a venerable Japanese architect. This small retreat of his, although small and unassuming, is among the most cherished and celebrated of the numerous works by Yoshimura. The 1st floor with a vertically protruding fireplace chimney is made in reinforced concrete to form as the base for the wood constructed second floor with a shed roof. The house is in a square plan with a square living room on the southeastern side of the house. In creating the feeling of wholeness with the bounty of the surrounding nature, the glass sliding doors are designed to be stored into the wall pocket, to let the living room become connected through that wide opening with the upper deck and the woods beyond. The house offers many unique ideas and features. Yoshimura designed with a keen sense of proportion along with a sense of fun and joy, to create a house in union with nature, as he believed true relaxation comes through being one with nature.
    • 1962年
    • nagano