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  • 078 Hotel Toko-en

    • Kiyonori KIKUTAKE
    • Kumagai Gumi
    • In a favored seaside onsen or hot spring resort in Yonago, Kaike Onsen, stands a hotel in the startling guise of modern architecture. The architect in-charge, Kiyonori Kikutake, a leading advocator of the metabolist ideals, compiled his theory in this building. It is composed in a tripartite design as they are not only differentiated in terms of functions but also are given three separate structural integrities according to the dicta of the metabolism theory. The structure simulates that of the traditional Japanese wooden edifice in reinforced concrete, hence, giving the building an exotic compositional expression. He prescribes; “while the columns energize the space to liberate human life activities within, the floor surfaces define the space to provide the requisite domain”. Accordingly, the main lobby area, where he collaborated with such artists as Kiyoshi Awazu, Ryoukichi Mukai, Masayuki Nagare, et.al., enacts as a dynamic magnetized space by means of the insertion of aggregated sets of main, secondary and tertiary columns, thus, he utilizes the entire building as a vehicle for the embodiment of such ideas.
    • 1964年
    • tottori