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  • 117 Hibiya Library

    • Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Takeshi TAKAHASHI)
    • Fujita Kogyo
    • The public library was built in 1957, at the Hibiya Park constructed after the Great Kanto Earthquake (1923), by the Bureau of Tokyo Metropolitan Government, in a triangle plan, two steps are planned on two vertices facing to a road side, a reading room is provided on two sides and vertices of the park. The area of Stacks in the middle of the triangle plan is an atrium and seven tiers of 40 million copies of books has become the structure itself. The library is scheduled to open in 2011 being transferred from the Metropolitan Government to Chiyoda-ku. The composition of exterior is linear with spandrels which around the sides. This is considered as one of the representative public buildings of modern architecture.
    • 1957年
    • tokyo