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  • 052 Nagasawa Water Purification Plant

    • Mamoru YAMADA, The Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Bureau of Waterworks, Yamada Mamoru Architects, Engineers and Consultant
    • Hazama Corporation
    • The Nagasawa Water Purification Plant complex, while located in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa, actually belongs to the Bureau of Waterworks of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The complex was built in 1957, and Mamoru Yamada, the architect in-charge, designed it with an exceptionally compelling quality for such facilities. Yamada previously belonged to the Japanese Secession Movement and worked in the Building and Repairs Section of the Ministry of Communications, the legendary purveyor of modern architecture in Japan. Through his career, Yamada designed in the architectural style of the Expressionist tendency with the sumptuous use of the parabolic and streamlined curves in compositions. The elegant curved lines are used in the main building facade and with the colonnade in the interior of the control facility at the filtration pool, to metaphorically express gushing spring water. Indeed, what Yamada aspired in his design was to merge the structure and function in an expressional synthesis.
    • 1957年(改修 2007年)
    • kanagawa