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  • 035 The Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Tsukiji Market

    • Demolished
    • The Architectural Section of Tokyo City Government
    • Takeda-gumi, Koniike-gumi et all
    • While Tokyo’s central market goes back to the early Edo period (1603-1867), it was after the Meiji Restoration (1867), the national government passed the Central Wholesale Market Act of 1923 to restructure the nation’s market system. The Tokyo City government, then, decided to reorganize its market system with the construction of a new modern market. The city sent out architects and engineers for information gathering field trips to study in Europe and the US. Nonetheless, because the number of traded items in Tokyo market greatly exceeded those overseas, the city was forced, in the end, to come up with its own original design. Thus, the Tokyo’s central wholesale markets were established in 1935 as the principal central market in Tsukiji. Tsukiji market, the largest market in the world as it opened with the prestige as among the largest steel structures, was designed in a unique quarter circular shape to allow the easier and more efficient cargo handling from freight trains. This main building in steel, set in a massive quarter circular form, offers a uniquely dynamic market place in one great, unrestrained, continuous space without any blocking or sub-dividing walls.
    • 1934年
    • tokyo