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  • 024 MOTONO House

    • Seigo MOTONO
    • Okada-komuten (Seiichiro OKADA)
    • In historic Kyoto, stands an amazingly modern house, built in 1924, and designed by Seigo Motono as his own home. Its structure employs an easy to use concrete block construction system with steel reinforcement developed by Chin Nakamura. The small house, with a minimal, yet reasonable and comfortable space, offers an open space adequately proportioned to accommodate the requisite domestic activities. This house was designed with some convincingly modern and logical concepts as seen in the design of deep, oversized eaves to cope with the strong summer sun rays and high precipitation, and in the conception of a designated open space, combining the kitchen and dining functions in one. Thus, it qualifies as among the earliest houses built in the world with its architectural dispositions based on the modern movement.
    • 1924年
    • kyoto