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  • 029 Kimura Industrial Laboratory

    • Kunio MAYEKAWA
    • Yoshikawa-kensetsu
    • This is the debut work of Kunio Mayekawa, commissioned by a businessman from Hirosaki, Ryuzo Kimura with whom Mayekawa had become acquainted during his residency at Le Corbusier’s atelier in Paris. Thus, he brought in with him this project to Antonin Raymond’s office. The building reveals some clear influence of Le Corbusier’s Villa Garches upon his design. Bruno Taut, in exile in Japan in 1935, on visiting it in Hirosaki, wrote in his journal; “a white, Corbusien building”. In March 2004, this building was selected, for the first time among Mayekawa’s works, as the Registered Tangible Cultural Properties.
    • 1932年
    • aomori