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  • 095 Friends School

    • Hiroshi OOE
    • Shimomura Construction Co.
    • Mita, a quaint and gently undulating area in southwestern Tokyo, is a site for the Friends School, an academic complex comprised of girls middle and high schools. It was founded in 1887 with the help of Philadelphia Quakers from the United States. The current structures, designed by Hiroshi Oe, were built in 1968. The 2 to 4 story smaller buildings with pyramidal hip roofs are grouped together, and clustered on the school grounds according to the gently sloping topography. Each facade of classroom building has an unusual appearance with the stacked porch like structure in white with the four-bay/ five-column grid formation. Oe was attempting to grant a memorable ambience to the school complex via something intangible like a certain aura or stance, or, perhaps what could be termed as a special tender perspective to the complex beyond what the architecture of mere rationalism might provide.
    • 1968年
    • tokyo