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  • 068 Daini Kousha (Bldg. No.2), Izumi Campus, Meiji University

    • Sutemi HORIGUCHI
    • Sanko-kogyo KK
    • Because of the arrival of the first generation of the post WWII baby-boomers, most of the Japanese universities were quickly increasing their corresponding capacity for enrollment. Meiji University, in meeting the demand, was adding structures in all of its 3 separate campuses. Sutemi Horiguchi, an architecture professor in Meiji University, was responsible for the design of all the new school buildings built in this period at Meiji University. This building of class and lecture rooms on the Izumi campus, qualifies as the best among them. It consists of the group of regular class/ seminar rooms and the series of stacked large lecture halls with theater style seats. Because the budget was limited, the circulation was kept at low cost, and designed as the exterior element, exposing the floor lines including the slopes of the lecture halls. The elevation is capped with a trellis-like, latticed arcade on the roof, as it tightens up the composition, and expresses a strong horizontal emphasis on the facade. The modern design motifs he preferred, such as the checkerboard ceiling panels and the gridded lighting fixtures, are seen in the interior details of the building.
    • 1960年
    • tokyo