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  • 056 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Agency Headquarters Building

    • Hideo KUNIKATA
    • Obayashi Corporation
    • Hideo Kunikata, a principal architect, continued the former Ministry of Communications, Dept. of Building Management, Architectural Section tradition of the rigorous pursuit of modern, functional and rational architecture in the Nippon Telegram & Telephone Public Agency. Accordingly, he designed a new headquarters for the Public Agency, with a rational central core parti, utilizing fully the 31m maximum height regulation to give 9 floors, and to achieve a high cost performance by adopting the optimizing 7m x 7m structural grid. The criticisms like, “the former Ministry buildings merely resemble porcelain toilet sets” notwithstanding, Kunikata specified the Taizan wall tile patterns on the main entry wall, and on the western side of the facade, the randomly set rubble cut Izu-aoishi or blue stones, and effectively created with seemingly slick and cool materials an expressive tactile surface details.
    • 1958年
    • tokyo