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  • 110 Niigata City Gymnasium

    • Eiji MIYAGAWA + Wataru KATO
    • Yoshida Gumi
    • The stadium was built as part of redevelopment project for the National Sports Festival held in Niigata City in 1964. It was considered to be a pioneering work due to its use of steel HP shell for its roof structure. HP shell was employed to minimize the weight of the roof in the heavy snowfall area. In addition to accommodate large space without columns, several benefits of the hp shell was anticipated such as aligning the audiences’ sight line with the section of the building, better acoustic effect and efficiency in the use of facilities such as lighting fixtures. It is a work jointly designed by Wataru Kato, structural engineer and Eiji Miyakawa, architect, who both taught at Department of Science and Engineering at Nihon University.
    • 1961年
    • nigata