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  • 088 Yamanashi Culture Hall

    • Kenzo TANGE
    • Sumitomo Construction Co.
    • Standing in the small city of Kofu, in Yamanashi, is an outlandishly futuristic building for a mass-media conglomerate that houses the newspaper, television and radio broadcasting stations, printing company, etc. The complex was designed by Kenzo Tange and built in 1966. The design is based on the 16 enormous vertical cores of cylindrical superstructures in the 17m by 15m grid formation that support the inserted horizontal tray-like superstructures. As the cylindrical components provide the vertical circulations of elevators and staircases, as well as the spaces for the mechanical and HVAC related facilities, the horizontal tray-like structures provide all the office, studio and other work related spaces and facilities, while the vacant or pilotis zones provide the apparatus for the inner “private” domain to relate and intermix with the “public” domain or society at large. The metabolistic notion based upon its urban-spatial theory that features the architectonic allowance for the anticipation of possible future “growth and transformation” is adopted into the design concept of the building. The building continues to manifest, today, the same awe-inspiring image of the original.
    • 1966年
    • yamanashi