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  • 040 Osaka Central Post Office

    • Demolished
    • The Ministry of Communications, Building and Repairs Section (Tetsuro YOSHIDA)
    • Shimizu-gumi
    • On a corner site by the Osaka Station, stands one of the most pivotal architectural examples of Japanese modernism. Tetsuro Yoshida, a principal architect in the Building and Repairs Section of the Ministry of Communications, designed this building in 1939. Yoshida and the Ministry paved the way for an acceptance of architecture of the modern movement. Throughout his life, he consistently sought to express in his design the beauty of Japanese traditional wooden architecture with its timeless clarity and simplicity in a modern architecture of reinforced concrete. Thus, the disciplined facade is composed with the column and beam structure with large glass infill in a simple and rhythmical fenestration design, while offering a sense of vertical accentuation upward, until it culminates with the horizontal line of the wide eaves at the top. He designed the building using a specific proportional system in the modern minimalist practice with no decorative frills or any other unessential elements whatsoever, to bestow the structure with a sharp image.
    • 1939年
    • osaka