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  • 032 Osaka Gas Building

    • Takeo YASUI、Shoichi SANO
    • Obayashi-gumi
    • The Osaka Gas building by Takeo Yasui was built in 1933, as the corporate headquarters, which also provided a showroom, a restaurant/ bar and a multi-use hall spaces to the public. On the elevation, Yasui broke away from the common prejudice of avoiding black color by featuring the black mikage-ishi, or Japanese granite, on the lower, the ground and second floor levels, in contrast to the ivory color tile finish on the upper levels. The deep set eaves above each floor give a dominant horizontal emphasis to the building while the provision of pilasters supplement the auxiliary vertical accentuation. The tautness of contrasts on the facade by the black and white, as well as by the horizontality and verticality bestows a positively modern look that fits well with the spirit of the new showcase street, the widened Mido-suji Boulevard. The addition in 1966, by Shoichi Sano, follows the basic parti of the original in terms of the color scheme and the gridded composition with a more contemporary interpretation on the lighter fenestration design.
    • 1933年 1966年(増築)
    • osaka