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  • 019 Inter-University Seminar House

    • Takamasa YOSIZAKA
    • Shimizu Corporation
    • Located in the densely forested hills in the outskirts of Tokyo, is a complex of facilities for university students and faculty members. The complex offers overnight accommodations for seminars, conferences and other academic activities, and was built collectively by a consortium of universities in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Takamasa Yoshizaka designed the complex in 1965. The complex consists of several groups of wooden housing units on concrete slabs with a fan-shaped layout, a pyramidal shaped windowless central seminar house, dining and lounge facilities, a wedge-shaped main building in coarse exposed concrete finish, an open auditorium with a shell-structure roof, and so on. The entire complex is assembled to simulate an image of village-like clusters. Yoshizaka attempted to create an architectural realm that sponsors free exchange of ideas through more relaxed relationships between people with his own unique architectural theory; i.e., a unity achieved via discontinuity. Hence, this complex became a testing ground for his theory. The complex continues to preserve the original character of Yoshizaka’s design today.
    • 1965年
    • tokyo