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  • 066 Ohara Museum of Art Annex

    • Shizutaro URABE
    • Fujiki-komuten
    • In historic Kurashiki, stands a museum annex building, designed by Shizutaro Urabe, presenting a way in which a modern architecture design could be fitted harmoniously in the historic townscape of Kurashiki. Traditional Japanese roof tiles, inlayed pebble stones, and white exterior stucco walls are integrated with modern concrete and glass blocks etc. Urabe designed with his original Kurashiki module, derived in part from the local measuring tradition. Thus, the building exemplifies an architecture based on crafts and humanistic expressions by identifying itself with the genius loci. This building, along with the neighboring Kurashiki Kokusai Hotel (1963), also by Urabe, has cast a characteristic disposition on the metaphor of Kurashiki.
    • 1961年
    • okayama