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  • 083 National Theater

    • Takenaka Corporation (Hiroyuki IWAMOTO)
    • Takenaka Corporation
    • Located by the inner moat of the Imperial Palace, is the National Theatre of Japan. Through the process of an open design competition in 1963, the proposal by Hiroyuki Iwamoto was bestowed with the first place award, which also established him as a notable architect. It provides theatre spaces, promotional venues, preservation and support spaces for the classical performing arts of Japan such as Kabuki, Bunraku, dance, folk arts, etc. Being conscious of its Imperial neighborhood as well as being aware of its use, the design Iwamoto adopted follows a cue from the Azekura style architecture of Shoso-in in the late Heian period (late 12th C) by coloring the pre-cast concrete in the burnt umber to echo the original square logs of Shoso-in. He exercised a different approach to the design of modern architecture, i.e., to take specifically Japanese contexts, connotations, traditions and history into consideration in design.
    • 1966年
    • tokyo