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  • 034 Yotsuya Daigo (No.5) Elementary School (Currently/ Yoshimoto Kogyo Tokyo Branch), Nobuo Araki (renovation)

    • Design Section of Tokyo Municipal Office (Tadao SUZUKI), Nobuo Araki (renovation)
    • Takeda-gumi
    • Standing in the central part of Shinjuku is a remarkably modern elementary school built in 1934. When the Earthquake Restoration effort for the rebuilding of elementary schools damaged by the great earthquake of 1923 was completed, the city of Tokyo continued the modernization of the elementary schools. This building is a showcase example of such an upgrading effort. The old wooden structure was replaced by reinforced concrete construction with the same standard and specifications applied to the quake damaged schools. With its architecture of a truly avant-garde design of all glass curtain-wall for the staircase walls, it was cited as “the most modern school building in Asia”. The two wings, --- one for primary grades, the other for upper grades ---, are connected by a pair of corridors in a central courtyard form, to provide pupils with free circulation. In order to attain the more comfortable, healthier and hygienic environment, various water faucets are facilitated along the corridors, in addition to the provisions for the conveniences with the radiator style steam heating system, water-flushed toilets, and the extensive rooftop gardens.
    • 1934年(改修 2008年)
    • tokyo