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  • 064 Toyoda Auditorium, Nagoya University

    • Fumihiko MAKI
    • Takenaka Corportion
    • On Nagoya University’s Higashi-yama campus, stands an ambitiously modern auditorium complex, built in 1960 as a central focal point. The complex is the debut work of Fumihiko Maki and is comprised of a main auditorium, conference rooms, a foyer/ exhibition gallery, and a quadrangle space in front. The building employs the combination of thin columns with earthquake resistant walls to support an expansive roof super-structure covering over all of the interior elements. The quadrangle space in front with a capacity for 5,000 students, is integrated with the building structurally, as both are elevated and placed on the artificial ground plane. Maki aspired to compound and consolidate in his design the classic, modern mannerism of Corbusien origin as in the pilotis and exposed poured-in-place concrete surfaces, with the more assertive mannerism of metabolist origin signified by the introduction of a super-structure and artificial ground plane, and succeeded in firmly syndicating the interior domain of the complex with the exterior domain of the quadrangle. Maki received the 1962 Architectural Institute of Japan Award for the design of this project.
    • 1960年(改修 2008年)
    • aichi