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  • 041 YOSHIDA House

    • Isoya YOSHIDA
    • Self-Build
    • Evacuating from Tokyo a year before the end of World War II, Isoya Yoshida built his own house in the country. He needed to design and build his house according to the dimensions of furniture, glass, tatami-mats etc., he brought in from Tokyo as building materials were scarce because of the war. Isoya affectionately called his house “Museki-an” which was originally compact at only 49m2 to comply with the building codes and regulations at the time. Eventually, it grew as additions were made. Today, the house with a resonant garden, set amongst the deep green of the foliage around, and underscored by the metaphoric water flow of white pebble stones marks the starting point of Isoya, a genuine Edokko, as one of the pioneers in modernizing the Japanese architecture, who discovered the common threads between the traditional sukiya and modern architecture to come up with his own fascinating and aesthetically stylish neo-sukiya architecture.
    • 1944年
    • kanagawa