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  • 065 Senri New Town

    • Osaka Prefecture
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    • In northern Osaka, on the foothills of Senri, is the location for an immense new town development project (the first of its kind in Japan) by the municipal government. It was a concurrent project with the Exposition, as it was adjacent to the 1970 Osaka World Expo site. The city office assembled a team for the project, and asked the participation from the architectural and city planning Institutes, the university researchers and architects, etc. By breaking down the barriers between professions and sanctioning creative ideas to create their dream town, they drew up a bold concept in its site/ urban design to provide the defined neighborhoods and defensible spaces, and an inventive proposal to locate, organize and operate the educational and medical facilities. While the project, with its peak population of 129,000 in 1975, is in reasonably good shape today, presently, it is in search of its renewal and survival as it faces the universal problems of its aging population and facilities.
    • 1970年
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