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  • 009 Miyuki-no-ma, Hasshokan

    • Sutemi HORIGUCHI
    • Harukichi MORI
    • Within the Hassho-kan complex -- a ryo-tei, or luxurious Japanese style restaurant -- in the suburbs of Nagoya, stands a Japanese style building called, Miyuki-no-ma, or a casual lodging facility for the imperial family. It was constructed to accommodate a visit of the Emperor and Empress in 1950. Therefore, the owner commissioned Sutemi Horiguchi, an esteemed architect, to do the design. The detached structure consists of a main 16-tatami-matted room and a subsidiary 10-tatami-matted room, along with a 6-foot wide buffering corridor, and a deck on the northeastern corner. As true to the innate nature of Japanese traditional architecture, this building was designed to be flexible via removable shoji screens, and was adorned with many exquisite traditional details that recall the design of Villa Katsura. Because he believed the essence of Japanese architecture could be discovered in tea ceremony room design, many parts of the building offer such details. Nonetheless, the Japanese Sukiya concept and its style was never simply a mere source of design, instead, for Taniguchi, it was an expressional carriage for his representation of modern architecture.
    • 1950年
    • aichi