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  • 104 Circular Gymnasium, Sakushin Gakuin High School

    • Tomoe-kumi Tekko-sho
    • Tomoe-kumi Tekko-sho
    • Before the beginning of World War II, Ichiro Nozawa, founder of the Tomoe Iron Works, developed the “Diamond Truss” which allowed the use of truss structure sterically. Sakushin Gakuin Gymnasium was the first example that this new technology was applied to gym structures. This technical innovation was particularly notable not only in Japan but also in the world as it is said to have influenced the invention of the Fuller Dome. Diamond Truss has rationalities in construction method, material and economic efficiency. After the Second World War, Diamond Truss became widely used in all over Japan as a major technology to construct a roof of school gymnasiums in Japan.

    • 1952年
    • tochigi