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  • 037 Kyoto Electric Company Building (Current/ KANSAI ELECTRIC POWER Co. Inc. KYOTO

    • Goichi TAKEDA
    • Zenitaka-gumi
    • Across from the Kyoto Station, stands a modern building completed in 1937. It is the work of Goichi Takeda, a main character who introduced the Art Nouveau movement in Europe to Japan at the turn of the century earlier in his career. More than 30 years later, having since become a member of the elder and respected architects of his time, he was set to demonstrate his mastery of techniques in modern architecture. He took a field trip in 1932, whereby he visited and studied at close hand numerous up-to-date examples of architecture in Europe and in the US. The austere modernity of this building with its simple, ornament free design and expressive emphasis on the structure reflect what he learned in the field trip. Upon visiting it, a successive presentation of a domed ceiling of the foyer and an array of astute design on the elevator doors will still marvel the beholder today with the same sparkle as it did before.
    • 1937年
    • kyoto