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【revised on 14th August 2014】


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We will visit masterpieces of modern architecture in Japan, including Hizuchi Elementary School, which was awarded World Monument Fund /Knoll Modernism Prize in 2012. We will also visit Kagawa Prefectural Hall, Gymnasium, and Kurashiki City Art Museum designed by world renowned architect, Kenzo Tange. Sakaide Manmade (Artificial) Ground is a unique apartment complex built on artificial ground. It was designed by Masato Ohtaka, who was a senior member of Metabolism Group. We will stay at Kurashiki International Hotel, which was designed by Shizutaro Urabe, an architect who tried to unite modern architecture with Japanese tradition. Kurashiki and Uchiko are designated as important conservation areas, so, there is a good chance to see traditional Japanese town houses  and town scape.


Day 1: 28th Sep.

Meet at Matsuyama Airport (depart Inchon at 15:00 arrive at 16:30). << stay in Matsuyama

Day 2: 29th Sep.

Visit to Uchiko village (Historic Preservation District) and Hizuchi Primary School* (M. Matsumura, 1958), including a lecture by Professor Hanada. <<Stay in Takamatsu

Day 3: 30th Sep.

Visit to Kagawa Prefectural Office *(K. Tange, 1958), Kagawa Prefectural Gymnasium (K. Tange, 1964), Seto Inland Sea Folk History Museum* (T. Yamamoto, 1973), Sakaide Manmade Ground Apartments *(M. Otaka, 1968), Ohara Museum of Art Annex *(S. Urabe, 1961), Kurashiki International Hotel* (S. Urabe, 1963). << Stay in Kurashiki

Day 4: 1st Oct.

Visit to Kurashiki City Art Museum (former municipal office by K. Tange, 1960), Cho-Chiku-Kyo house *(K. Fujii, 1928), tour ends at Kansai International Airport.

* = DOCOMOMO Japan registration

The price of the tour per person is 65,000 yen.

Credit card is accepted for payments.

The flights from Korea to Matsuyama, and from Kansai International Airport to your last destination, are NOT included in this tour, but can be arranged by request. Please leave a comment when you make a reservation.